About the Journal

Journal of Medical Artificial Intelligence

Journal of Medical Artificial Intelligence (JMAI, J Med Artif Intell, Online ISSN 2617-2496) is a peer-reviewed and open access journal that publishes articles from a wide variety of new research and innovative ideas in medical artificial intelligence.

The articles published in Journal of Medical Artificial Intelligence (JMAI) need to discuss the incorporation of artificial intelligence in the medical field. And it includes but not limited to, AI in bio- and clinical medicine, machine learning based decision support, robotic surgery, data analytics and mining, laboratory information systems and AI in medical education.

With a focus on interdisciplinary perspectives concerning medical AI topics, JMAI aims to open new grounds for researchers to showcase the latest issues in the field.

Submission Turnaround Time:
Submission to First Editorial Decision: 2-4 weeks.
External peer review: 1-2 months.
Acceptance to Publication: 2-4 weeks. Original Articles are listed as priority.

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Updated date: March 19, 2019.